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Weaver Family

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If we Look up the word fair in the dictionary to find our cultural interpretation ,then maybe we could ask the weaver the equivalent word for fair in the Quechuan Language maybe there is a word , as an ethical trader searching for methods to acheieve something fair in a world so damaged by capitalism and ´el corason podrido del conquistador ´ seeing all the natural resources in this paradise invaded with blood , the concept of ´fair´seems like a real challenge , one word could be share , walking around with there wonderful 5 kids who could be destined for a,loife carrying forward even firther this fascinating culture of loom weaving or will technology finally overcome the patience and creativity and steer the next generations away from there ancestral culture ?

Alfonso Father and Fulltime traditional Weaver and student.

Weaver and Mother .

Playing in the loom after school !

La Abuela .

Weaving the future.