Turning hate into love, the Indigenous Embera of Colombia .

All over city streets around Colombia you can encounter , adults, children, families, Indigenuos groups seeking out a survival pathway . Society has labeled them displaced people, however they are actually the guardians of the soul of these lands . Only now have been rendered a life on the streets , as armed groups gave no alternative to so many innocent peaceful people in Colombia.

From displacement results many other social terms, depression, alcoholism, prostitution the sad list goes on. However if there is a shimmering light within the sad tale of the Embera then maybe we can find that hope in the art they create from day to day.


I asked the Embera women about there situation and why they had to move from there land situated in Risaralda , they explained that  they had been ordered many times to leave until one member of there group had been killed, at this they began to flee from there territory . Due to there situation and the seemingly hopeless response from the colombian authorities to assist the Embera they survive on the streets creating there traditional bead-work .


In the sunlight upon the Avenida Jimenez in Bogota you can find these artists weaving away ,away from the struggle the brutal hardship that has been forced upon them , not only the colours of there artwork, but also there dress, ancient culture intact , indigenous dialect , relentless determination to be .


Rather than delve deep into this tragedy more and more I can leave a link for you to click and read about this displacement but still then where would we be ? Same world , injustice ,pain all I can try to understand is possibly the celebration of there work there culture within there timeless beadwork.

Cascada has a series of pieces bought directly from the Embera to take to Europe in this Autumn , hopefully we can show them at the Native Spirit Festival which is held at S.O.A.S university holborn London.See below some examples of there creations .

Please see this interesting organistaion helping Embera people. http://www.unfpa.org.co