In 2001 I worked voluntarily for a social art project in an area of Sao Paulo city (Brazil) called Francisco Morato.This project was run by the artist Ronaldo Robles he started the project from scratch we would all chip in to buy paint for the people of that area and then catch the metro train at 6am to get to this difficult but amazing area populated by migrants from the Northeast of Brazil in the hunt for work in the outer areas of the main city of Brazil.
The project was called Ponte which means Bridge, Ronaldo was dedicated to raising self esteem , he took an area of housing got involved with the families and began painting up the houses local wallways, stairways all in bright colours he was working very closely with the local Capoeira mastercalled Nicau (brazilian dance martail art) and the group too who would be flipping and somersaulting whilst we were working teenagers literally jumping around the whole day, he also taught organic gardening methods and adressed problems of some of the local people .After a few weeks we found people there on our arrival with juices or coffee.However I always remeber everyday feeling that I was actually learning far more than anyone there!!!I had never met people like that from that area
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