Capoeira and Painting workshops in the Rainforest

Sometimes we talk and reflect about first meeting capoeira , or about the changes it has made to us as people .when Mestre Joao Grande talks about capoeira coming from within the earth he may be refering also to the point that capoeira exists within us humans in different dimensions. Practicing capoeira with teenagers from the Sani community deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest certinately affirm the understanding that this art is natural to us and manifests in many wonderful expressions in our walks of life . Arriving there the youngsters already sung Parana e , parana e , after encounters with travelling brazilians in the region , when we went through the first training sessions , the basic movements , au, meia lua greeted with delight as the youngsters grabbed the chance to try capoeira angola .


We trained for two weeks almost every day , sharing movements and music . The berimbau was such a point of curiosity that i would just prepare the berimbaus for play and leave them to freely play and understand them , is this a weapon ? For hunting? Its always incredible to be amongst the enthusiasm of capoeiristas like this such a thirst for the art-form they themselves create a new bridge for capoeira right there in the indigenous heart of South America together with Africa the grandfathers of capoeira .

Within my residency i was also sharing classes if drawing and colour painting with adults and teenagers , i always feel capoeira and visula arts go hand in hand . Toward the end of my stay there in the rainforest community we showed the artworks amongst the community and practiced mini roda’s of capoeira angola . Now the question is how to sustain this new inspiration there in the sani community, am already looking forward to the next residency there. The sani community also runs there very own jungle lodge providing beautiful eco tourism in the heart of the rainforest , this eco-lodge is run by the community members themselves and staff from the community work within a rota , see more at I would like to thanks very much the help of Yanelys at the Sani office and the artistic assistance of Leonidas from the Sani community and everyone that participated and supported me there within the Sani community.