Photo series India Guambiana Colombia, what is Art?

Art? Is it a past-time, a study, a hobby, with art are we attempting to comprehend humanity or express our reaction to this existance. How do we exhibit ourselves our creations artistically , or should we pursue the path of suffering and struggling for our endeavours alike Van Gogh for one example, or the modern route should we be dressed up and  socialising in only the right places . When encountering an artisan such as Nancy Milena in Colombia someone who is cradling a culture and weaving methodology of ancestral importance all this modern understanding of the word art is overturned.

Weaving in traditional dress Nancy and her business partner have an outlet in the historical town of Popayan Colombia  .

The same croche weave can be found in different parts of Colombia such as La guajira , also this tradition typically harmonises with many indigenous groups around South-America.

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